Basic Questions To Ask Your Movers

Any kind of moving requires careful planning: time, route, distance, amount of possessions you would like to take with you. The best way to organize a flawless moving process is hiring professional moving company and preventing any chance of mistake or misunderstanding. After finding few most suitable services you should prepare a list of questions and invite representatives from few companies to perform estimation. Doing so, you will see the difference in prices and find perfect company to hire.

Here is a list of recommended question to ask your movers before signing any documents. Without any doubts,the best local Anaheim movers will be able to assist you.


  • Find out more about additional services provided by the company that may require extra payment. Make sure everything is discussed in advance to prevent unexpected surprises later. Additional paid services usually include: parking and unpacking, storage facilities, fuel charges, hoisting, and many more;
  • Make sure that the company operates legally, has license and offers insuring services;
  • It is important to be aware regarding means of transportation and finding out more about how your possessions will bedelivered;
  • Find out more about payment options and whether company requires pre-paid deposits. Keep in mind that reputable moving servicenever asks for a deposit that exceeds 20% of the total moving cost;
  • Learn about insurance the company provides. Sometimes movers may upgrade standard offer according to your requirements or you can address a third party to cover your move. Find out who is responsible for damaged or lost items? Ask about reimbursement policy provided by the chosen moving company.

What special equipment is required when organizing a move?

One of the main benefits of hiring professional movers is availability of specialized equipment that can make your life so much easier. Moreover, experts have the needed experience and know how to deal with heavy and large objects. Among equipment, that is necessary for transportation and relocation and often provided by movers, following are of great demand:

  • Dolly, which is needed when moving bulky and heavy furniture like tables, dressers, wall units and many more. This platform can support up to a thousand pounds but it is important not to forget tie cargo with ropes before moving it;
  • Furniture blankets that are so essential in protecting and shielding your furniture during relocation against scratches, and dents, so before trying to move your furniture – wrap it and don’t forget to use packing tape;
  • Ropes and straps essential for lofting heavy objects;
  • Assistance of stair roller is invaluable when have a lot of heavy items and have to take them down by the stairs. This device allows carefully and safely rolling down your belongings.


Apart from this equipment professional assistance willsave a lot of time and efforts that can be distributed to other issues.

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