Apple TV Running Into Difficulties With Media Companies

According to Bloomberg Apple previously had plans to release a full functioning Apple TV, But seems like things are not going as smoothly according to the company’s expectations.

The rumors pointed the launch of the new Apple TV in the end of this year, But it now looks like its not going to happen.

Apple is having ongoing issues with big cable companies which may have made Apple TV’s progress a bit slow. Apple has conceptualized not just to allow its users to stream  tv shows and movies over the internet by also provide them live content in a manner similar to traditional tv cable wire. The live content belongs to the respective cable companies which they’re reluctant to lose revenue toa third party service offering the same live broadcast as them.

The pictures here may give u some rough idea how the TV’s would be. According to Bloomberg’s secret sources Apple probably could  be close crack the deal with Time Warner Cable, which is a major player, who could help Apple to get started in the cable TV industry. Apple could start small and later expand as they make more deals with the providers. So lets hope for the best.

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