Apple Sends DMCA Notices To Take Down Websites Selling Access To iOS 6 Betas

Apple has lots of surprises packed up for its users at WWDC 2012, The biggest one was the iOS6 Beta release, after the release numerous websites started making hard cash selling UDID registrations allowing people install the developer preview of the upcoming iOS6. Apple has started issuing take down noticed on these websites.

Andy Baio of wrote that detailed the “cottage industry” that popped up around illicit UDID activations. Behind the scenes, each service uses the same simple backdoor: Registered iOS developers can activate up to 100 unique device IDs (or UDIDs) for their account”

Once registered with Apple, the activated iOS device is able to run the beta versions of iOS, developers are still forbidden from sharing pre-release software outside their own community. these websites have been Ignoring these warnings and are providing activation service with a small fee to add a customer’s device to their developer accounts. Apple is also cracking down similar websites that sell access to the Mountain Lion Developers Preview. Apple’s just not targeting the site they are taking them offline.

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