Apple Suggests Using iMessage, Responds To SMS Vulnerability Concerns

The IT Giant Apple has finally responded to a query raised by a blog called pod2g some days back, the question was about an SMS vulnerability that they discovered in Apple’s latest iOS 6 beta version 4. This vulnerability could allow anyone to abuse the protocol for SMS in order to send fake text messages. This has been an issue since the incarnation of iOS and is still present in iOS 6 beta 4. Apple has issued a statement to The Loop which states that the issue was not an iPhone specific problem as first thought but down to the SMS protocol used by all phones. here’s a sneak peak of what The Loop has to say.

The issue is not just with iPhones but  also all other phones. Apple suggests its users to use iMessage instead. using iMessage for messaging on your iOS sounds like a good idea, with added features like sending pictures and lots more with even a better experience.

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