Apple Will Announce iPhone 5 On September 12th Event

12th September is coming closer, just a few more days to go. As we all know Apple Inc is quite secretive about their product launches and are silent till the last moment. The much awaited iPhone 5 is the latest edition of their Flagship handset. Apple Makes a point of improving the phone every year. Back in 2010 the company launched a whole new design of the iPhone, called as the iPhone 4 and adding a few more new features like siri and a boosted processor Apple launched the iPhone 4S last year. The company has still not declared the name of the product, creating curiosity in our minds.

After the launch of the iPhone 4S Apple set a benchmark making iPhone 4S the most powerful cellphone on the planet. Apple has confirmed its intention of launching its most awaited flagship smartphone on the 12th of September. Apple as started distributing invitation cards to news sources and technology websites. The invite features a Huge 12 and a giant showdown that reads five. What does that mean? is Apple going to launch 5 new devices? ehh! i dont think thats now coming sooner.! This is a sure sign that Apple is all set to put all the rumors to rest and bring it out to the world!

The iPhone 5 is rumored to have a  4.8″ display with a 16:9 aspect ratio, a 19-pin port as opposed to its legacy 30-pin port, and a unibody design. The countdown begins and everyones ready to roll. keep watching this space for more!

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