Apple Might Ditch Optical Drives In The New Redesigned Mac Pro and iMac

Apple is preparing for their big event in september. After delivering the major update to the Macbook Pro’s at WWDC 12. Apple bringing the long awaited Intel’s Ivy Bridge chips to the market made it even significant. Apple is all set to refresh the dads the Lords of Desktop computers, The iMac and Mac Pro.

Have a Look at the Info.plist file in the New Mac OSX Mountain Lion

According to some top news sources, new lines of code and config files in the Mac OSX Mountain lion it indicates that the new iMacs and Mac Pro’s might ditch the optical drives.  ‘IM130′ could possibly be the the next iMac, whereas ‘MP60′ could indicate the refreshed Mac Pro. This code was discovered in a list of models which only appear to support USB booting, which means that an optical drive would be eliminated. The internet connections are improving rapidly day by day and large files like movies, music, softwares, videos and many other things are downloaded over the air including the new OS X Mountain Lion in just minutes. If you  are planning to buy a new mac and would require a super drive, you better be quick.

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