Apple Introduces 7th Generation iPod nano at 12th September Event

The iPhone has been unveiled with so many new features and it went according to the rumors. But Apple has surprised its users by introducing the 7th Generation of iPod Nano. its completely a new design with great features and sexy looks.

The 7th Gen iPod Nano will have longest battery life, with up to 30 hours of music playback. It also has Bluetooth support! to Stream music from Jambox, wireless headphones, etc. Naturally, it has the new Lightning connector. Apple makes it even better by adding FM tuner built in with live pause. The iPod touch also gets the traditional Home Button

Apple has sold over 350 million iPods and has set an unbreakable record. The Apple event is still going on and the CEO has much more to deliver. its almost a year since Steve Jobbs passed away and with delivering such promising devices it seems that Tim Cook is here to be the next greatest CEO. We will be getting back to you with the full details and specification soon keep watching this space for more.!


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