Apple to start accepting Apple Store gift cards via Passbook soon

Passbook is a new app which is actually a digital wallet and comes with the iOS 6. The passbook can keep a record of your boarding passes, gift cards, hotel reservations and event tickets. According to the new reports which were out last morning, Apple is planning to roll out an update for its internal point of sale system software this month, allowing the Apple Store to pay via passbook.

9to5Mac reports:

“Later this month, Apple will be seeding an updated version of its mobile point-of-sale (EasyPay) system software to Apple Store employees. This update, numbered version 12.3, will allow retail employees with EasyPays to capture Apple Store payment card codes from customer iPhones and iPod touches running Passbook.”

Apple’s Passbook has got a slow start because of area restrictions with only selected companies supporting the new app. However the companies using it say that they are seeing impressive adoption rates. At present consumers have to use the Apple Store app to pay for Apple accessories and other low-cost items simply by scanning the item’s bar code and logging into iTunes.

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