Apple Gears Up For iPad Mini Production

Everybody from the Apple Community is talking about the the upcoming iPad Mini a 7 Inch Tablet which is been designed to compete with the Google Nexus. One of the biggest source of Technology news that is CNET reports after a discussion with Analyst, Richard Shim of NPD DisplaySearch who says that Apple is making some space to place the iPad mini and the only thing remaining is to boost the production.

Richard Shim further stated “For the 7.85 inch panel there’s a business plan for it, there’s a mass production target for it. And we know that it’s for Apple.” Richard also states that he has no knowledge about the name of the new product but that it is going to be a tablet. “NPD Display Search talks to companies in the supply chain firms that make the components and assemble products. He also added that production is likely imminent.

Apple has never succumbed to competition by introducing low budget products but surprisingly This new iPad is more likely to be a affordable. ASUS and Google have already launched the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon preparing itself to release the Kindle Fire 2.

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