Apple Files For Bluetooth Headset Patent

Apple’s been the best gadget maker for long time now and has been the most innovative company changing the way technology is used. Recently Apple has produced a wide range of post PC accessories starting from the remotes to iPhone cases. But it hasn’t been good with its bluetooth headset. Apple is refreshing it up. According to a patent application, Apple has another headset in the pipeline.


Reports By Apple Insider

“Apple has filed for a patent on an iPhone headset accessory that would operate wirelessly via BLuetooth and could connect to the handset to charge or switch to use a wired handset.

AppleInsider uncovered the application early on Thursday after it was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The application hints at Apple’s renewed interest in building its own Bluetooth headset.”

The Headsets ability to connect to the iPhone to function or charge is its best feature. Apple claims that the invention of this headset will solve the power and battery life problem which affects the current tree of Bluetooth headsets. the product might be supported by Bluetooth 4.0 which will consume lesser amount of power. As we have seen that filing a patent does not confirm a future product launch. 

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