Apple to rename dock and headphones in the Next-gen iPhone

Today is the day where the biggest technology giant will unveil its flagship product. The Next Gen iPhone. The upcoming iPhone is still a mystery but there are stories coming up every now and then.  Apple later today will hold a keynote where we all can undoubtedly  expect the all new iPhone 5.

There are the last moment rumors coming up and this time its about the new mini dock connector which is reported to replace the traditional Apple 30 pin connector present in all the iOS devices.

So lets get to the point, According to the biggest mac news blog 9to5 Mac The new 9 pin mini doc is rumored to be named as “Lightning”

According to our sources, Apple’s new, smaller 9-pin dock connector is dubbed “Lightning” internally. As of this evening, we believe that this name will extend to the new connector’s marketing name. The moniker makes sense for two reasons. One: it goes along with the Thunderbolt connector name on the Mac (Thunderbolt and lightning!). Two: perhaps “Lightning” means that the new dock connector will be able to sync via a computer at faster speeds that the current 30-pin connector. With Apple’s new USB3-enabled Macs, we’d hope so anyway. It will sell for around $10/pop.

Its also said that Apple is all set to replace the standard earphones that come with its range of iOS devices. Apple will introduce a new design of reengineered earphones naming it as “Earpod”. The new earphones will have a unique design and improved acoustics although it is not certain if these new earphones will be replace the ones that come as standard or if they could be a premium option.

A few more hours left for the most awaited Apple Event of this year! keep a watch on our twitter account to get the latest news about the event.!

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