AppAnalytics From Cydia Tells You How Often You Access An App

I’m sure you must have used different types of Analytic app which monitor your website traffic, but have you ever felt the need of an app which could give u complete details of the most frequent apps used, for how long, etc? well this time we do have a tip about such an app, Hold on, dont get too happy because this app is only available in Cydia and not in Apple’s App Store.

AppAnalytics is a new mobile analytics tweak available at the Cydia store, offering full log of your app using habits. it will list every single app you’ve accessed since its installation, it will also tell you how many times you’ve opened it along with the total amount of time you spend using the same.

The app actually is very useful and can also help you recovering some space by eliminating unused ones. t’s really an interesting and costs just $0.99 at the BigBoss Repo which should be in the default source list. so if you have a jailbroken iPhone hurry up and give it a try.

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