Advantageous Network Marketing Tools

Network marketers have a number of tools at their disposal to help businesses grow and thrive. Web 2.0 technology allows business owners to attract and interact with potential clients through a variety of Social Networks. Silicon Valley professionals also introduced a platform that enhances file sharing and online meetings.

Web 2.0 Increases Lead Generation

The Internet has thousands of Social Networks that serve as a convenient means for family and friends to stay connected. Smart business owners also make use of these sites as a strategy to gain leads for a company without having the expense of advertising. In addition to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, Hubpages and Squidoo provide space free of charge where anyone may display content on virtually any subject. Businesses may share information about a company, post product or service updates or relay the particulars of an upcoming event.

Ezine Articles and Idea Marketers provides the opportunity to educate and inform existing or potential clients by posting content rich articles. These articles provide business owners with the chance to present focused content on a particular topic or target a specific group of people. Businesses then link websites, blogs and article sites with search engines or book marking sites that include Digg and These sites also allow individuals to initiate conversations with like-minded people who may act as referrals for your business. Facebook, Direct Matches, MySpace and Wowzza enable anyone to establish a profile, introduce themselves and attract followers through posts, updates and other information.

Whether incorporating media onto company websites or submitting media to YouTube, videos are a popular tool strategy used by business owners to gain an audience. Establish a network business by starting with one tool at a time. Interact with others and attract attention.


Declared one of the “Top 25 Small Business Apps in 2012,” YouDazzle was created by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Cary Cole with financial backing from former Facebook V.P. Chamath Palihapitiy. The app is a file sharing and web meeting platform that allows anyone to organize and share documents, pdf files, videos, web links and other data. Whether offering an instructional tutorial, desiring to have a planned business meeting with associates, or wanting to hold a Grand Opening, individuals may host live presentations via personal computers, laptops or mobile devices. The app also allows conference calls with an unlimited number of landlines.

Besides offering web cam or video presentations, businesses may also record presentations and rebroadcast recordings at a later date. Cloud-based data rooms provide the space to store any size file or amount of information for safe-keeping. Analytical tools also enable presenters to see who was interested in the files shared or the videos aired. Using YouDazzle, company proprietors are free to incorporate personal branding and ensure audience security through data encryption.

Though there is a fee involved in using the service, the company does offer compensation plans in the form of becoming an affiliate marketing associate. The cost sharing plan provides bloggers and Internet Marketers 60 percent of the profits realized by spreading the word about YouDazzle.

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