8 Jewelry Pieces Inspired by Superheroes

People love superheroes, especially the geeky population. Many people also collect superhero-inspired clothing items, posters, and even jewelry. Yes, you heard right: there’s a large selection of jewelry inspired by superheroes.

Take a look at eight of the coolest superhero-inspired jewelry pieces that are on the market.

1. Batman-inspired engagement ring

This beautifully crafted ring by Ari Kathein is made with a diamond center and Batman emblems perched on either side of the gem. This example of superhero adornment is not cheap or cheesy; it’s actually a very classy piece of jewelry.

2. Green Lantern ring

This ring is made from titanium and inscribed with the famous insignia of the Green Lantern. The band can also be custom-made to order, to fulfill requests such as beveled edges for comfort. You’ll love this quality ring and treasure it for a lifetime.

3. Captain America shield cufflinks

These are the perfect accessories for a man’s suit. Representing the patriotic hero we all love, these cufflinks are classy yet very fun to wear.

4. Superman ring

This really cool ring is made from stainless steel, which represents his nickname, “the man of steel.” The ring is thick with a deeply engraved Superman symbol on top.

5. Spider-Man black surgical steel earrings

These absolutely awesome earrings are great for the Spider-Man fan, and also work for people who simply love Halloween. They are made from stainless steel, which should appeal to wearers who are sensitive to cheaper metals.

6. Star Wars light saber earrings

Nothing says you’re a Star Wars fan quite like a pair of light saber-shaped earrings. These quirky little two-inch-long green light sabers will get conversations going among your geeky friends.

7. Punisher silver skull woman’s ring

This very fashionable dainty woman’s ring is made with a Punisher skull carved into the center and three beads on each side. With this ring, you can feel tough or sassy; that’s completely up to you.

8. Thor surgical steel barbell earrings

These very outstanding barbells might not have been forged in Asgard, but they’re definitely out of this world. These black hammer silhouettes emblazoned on a bright yellow background are perfectly made for who? Mortals!

To feel like a superhero, then you’ll have to walk, talk, and definitely dress like one. If wearing these accessories doesn’t help, then maybe you just aren’t geeky enough. For additional jewelry services, check out this amazing site!

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