7 Reasons why you should use Intuit Pay

Intuit Pay is one of the most innovative ways to accept credit card payments with a computer, smartphone or tablet device. Small businesses can boost their sales by offering their customers a more competitive, flexible payment option for their products or services. Here, we look at 7 reasons why you should consider Intuit Pay as your primary payment method for your business.

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1) Accept cards at any time, any place

Allow your customers to make payments through a chip and pin card reader so they can purchase all the items they want without running out of cash. Receive direct payments to your account in just a few days and avoid the hassle of having to visit your bank to deposit your funds.

2) Allow your customers to pay online

If you have an e-commerce section on your website, Intuit Pay allows your customers to make quick, simple payments with their credit cards. Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular because it can be done from the comfort of people’s homes, 24 hours a day. By making it easier for your customers to pay for your products or services, you can boost your sales substantially, particularly if your competitors have yet to exploit this new technology.

3) Unrivalled security

With Intuit Pay, you can accept credit card payments with total peace of mind. Intuit Pay follows strict Visa, EuroPay and MasterCard security standards that ensures all of your customers’ details are kept safe. For your assurance, They are also compliant with the PCI Data Security Standard, which has developed a comprehensive framework for payment card security and is operated by the PCI Security Standards Council, a global forum that was established in 2006.

4) A firm favourite for millions of businesses

Intuit handles around 116 million transactions each year and provides payment processing solutions for more than four million companies. They are constantly looking at new ways to improve their services to help your business maximise their sales through credit card payments.

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5) New mobile payments feature

In 2012, Intuit Pay launched its mobile payments pilot to allow businesses to accept credit card payments with their smartphones, tablet devices or a free app. As more people demand greater flexibility and the ability to send and receive payments wherever they are, Intuit Pay helps businesses respond to their clients’ needs.

6) Set up your account in an instant

With Intuit Pay, you can choose a customised price plan to suit you. Once you’ve downloaded our Intuit Pay App, answered 5-10 questions and are approved, you can start processing payments in no time. To accept payments in person, you will need to purchase a Chip & Pin card reader, although you can start processing online payments immediately.

7) Use your account abroad

If you are a UK-based business, you can handle your transactions when you are overseas, whether you’re on holiday or travelling on business. All transactions are processed in pounds and you can also accept credit card payments from outside the UK, which may be subject to a small conversion fee.



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