5 Best iPod Utilities

Is it so that the new release of iPod is making you feel sad about your old iPod? Okay, here is the way to get rid of that sadness without investing money in buying the new one. How about adding in some new utilities and apps, may it be from a third party? By doing so, you can unlock tons of several exciting and handy functionalities that you never were aware of! So, why not rejuvenate that aging iOS device so it at least comes close to its successors at least in terms of functionality as well as performance? There are so many additions that you can make, which may make it a bit difficult for you to choose just one. To make this task easier for you, here are 5 best iPod utilities to have for getting the most from your iPod.

1. myPodder


This utility allows syncing podcasts to your iOS device from a computer that may be running for Windows, Linux, or Mac. Whether you are a big fan of podcasts who has no patience to wait to reach home for accessing your computer to get the latest podcast or just want some new podcasts for listening, this app is proficient enough to download and sync any podcast automatically to your device irrespective whose PC you may be using.

2. Floola


Consider this app if you need to copy videos and songs to and from the iOS device from and to any PC. Floola is a platform-independent freeware app that makes mobile media handy. The best part of this app is that it has the power to work like a full-on iTunes app that can load from the drive of your iPod. That is why Floola is the best alternative to iTunes in case you are not a big aficionado of iTunes.

3. iSquint (MAC)


If you need to convert videos for your iPod, this is the app to have! With iSquint, you can make any video compatible for your iPod. All you have to do is drag the files into this app, which you wish to convert and select the encoding quality that shall also identify file size and encoding time. What’s more to it is that you can make this app to add videos automatically to your iTunes library after encoding.

4. Encyclopodia


If you are crazy about Wikipedia, you can now access it on your iPod with this app. This open-source app makes it possible for you to bring this colossal warehouse of knowledge to your iPod. Although searching this database may be a bit troublesome in the beginning as you type with the click wheel, you will really feel it good to carry this big database in your pocket as you get used to it.

5. iPod Linux

ipod linux

If you are looking to give some new look to your iPod interface, you can consider iPod Linux. With this app, you can bop things a little bit so that you can install and play games for free. So, why not replace the default firmware with this new interface?

Is there any good app missing? If yes, then do share with us!

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