5 Best E-cigarette Box Mods You Should Try Right Away

E-cigarette box mods have caught quite a pace recently in the vaping industry. Loaded with power and tremendous features, e-cigarette box modes are available in different shapes and sizes, which appeal to numerous vapers. These box mods can run for long periods of time without needing frequent recharges, since they possess huge battery capacities.

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Let us see the top 5 e-cigarette box mods now.

1. SMOK Xpro M80 Plus 80W VW E- Cigarette Box Mod


It is a cigarette box mod with temperature control that features a tremendous battery capacity of 4400 mAh, which allows you to enjoy a stronger and longer vaping experience. The mod possesses a USB charger port along with two built-in 18650 Li-polymer batteries, and thus can be charged via your PC. Its temperature control enables you to regulate temperature in the middle of 100 and 600 degrees. It has an intelligent LED display screen that displays battery capacity, voltage, wattage, and resistance. In addition, it counts your daily puffs by default, and monitors your vaping plan intelligently.

2. DOVPO TC-50 50W Variable Wattage Mini Box


This e-cigarette box mod is a dual mode box having variable wattage and temperature control; the range of temperature control is 200-600 F and 100-400 C and the range of variable wattage is 1-50 W. The mod box possesses a LED screen that shows temperature, resistance, voltage, and wattage. Also, it provides power-off memory function and overtime vaping warning. In addition, there are great features of low voltage protection, short circuit protection, battery reversal protection, overheat protection, and over current protection.

3. Kangxin Mini VF 50W Mod KX-50D Chip Variable Wattage Mini Box Mod


This e-cigarette box mod is a power regulated digital DC-DC switch mode converter for your own vaporizers. It comes with Kangxin’s patented temperature protection, step up/ step down topology, wattage control, preheat, on-board buttons, digital user controls, and synchronous rectification for augmented battery life, OLED screen, and minimal heat generation. A hugely advanced personal vaporizer controller, Kangxin Mini has intelligent and stable control, external battery, reverse connection protection, aluminum body, great hand feel, and atomizer resistance. If you are planning to buy this E-cigarette, consider visiting Gearbest.com as it offers great deals on these items.

4. Cloupor Mini 30W Variable Voltage VV/VW Mode Box Mod


This e-cigarette box mod is perhaps the smallest size and very easy to bring box mod. Its primary functions/ features include magnetic back cover, pass through available, VV/ VW mode, removable battery, left mode and right mode, and vaping time counting (15S limited protection). In addition, you get reverse battery protection, over charge protection, and adjustable 510 Pin.

5. Kanger KBOX 40W Variable Wattage 510 Thread Box Mod


This e-cigarette box mod uses an aluminum chassis to provide lighter mod for handling. Highly convenient and comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand, KBOX possesses a simple wattage setting, which you can select out of 7 variables. The KBOX features short circuit and over current protection, a heat dissipation hole, an interchangeable battery socket, and 510 thread connection. In addition, it comes with replaceable cells, variable watt setting, over use 10s protection, and battery capacity indicator.

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