4 Ways Home Automation Can Protect You Against Home Burglary

If you’ve ever been a victim of home burglary, you know just how violating and scary it can be. Just imagining someone entering your home elicits a bone-chilling response. Read on to learn more about home burglary statistics, what burglars look for when they want to break in, and how home security can protect your family.


Home Burglary Statistics

burglary statistics

20 out of 1,000 households were victims of robbery in 2017, while 118 out of 1,000 households were victims of overall property crime (such as motor vehicle theft or other types of theft). This means more than 11 percent of homes are likely targets of property crime in any given year.


What Burglars Look For

Researchers have conducted studies to learn about burglars and their common habits. Most burglars follow the same patterns when selected a house to burglarize. Here are a few things burglars look for in a home:

  • Secluded Home. Burglars prefer to rob homes that are set away from traffic and neighbors.
  • Signs of Wealth. Wealthy homes likely have better things to steal. Burglars look for expensive cars and fancy landscaping.
  • Signs of Neglect. When garbage cans are left out or mail is left uncollected, a burglar could take that as a sign that no one has been home for a while.


How Home Security Can Protect Your Family

Home security plays a major role in keeping your family safe. Here are some important ways home security can deter burglars:


1. Broadcast Your Home Security With a Yard Sign

Yard signs are a simple tactic, but they go a long way to scare off potential burglars. Displaying a home security sign in front of your house lets burglars know they’ll have to work harder to try to break in. And even when they do, they’re more likely to get caught.

2. Replace Hidden Keys With Smart Locks

Burglars frequently look for hide-a-keys placed under the doormat or under a rock near the front door. Instead of using this un-secure method to get into the house, replace hidden keys with smart locks. You’ll never have to worry about getting locked out of the house again, and you’ll reduce the chance of break-ins.

3. Monitor Visitors With a Doorbell Camera

Sometimes burglars will check out a house in advance by ringing the doorbell and asking a random question. They might also ring the doorbell right before they break in, just to make sure no one is home. Ward off these types of burglars with a doorbell camera, which allows you to greet anyone who comes to the front door, even when you’re away.

4. Control Your Garage Remotely

There’s nothing like an open garage door to invite burglars into your home. Make sure you never forget to close your garage door again with a remote garage door device. You can check on the status of your garage door and close it with the touch of a button.


Securing Your Home

how-will-home-security-equipment-protect-your-family-1-638Luckily, there are many ways to reduce the risk of your home becoming a target. Home security and home automation will go a long way to protect your home from potential burglaries. And knowing these burglary statistics and common patterns will also help keep your home safe. Employ these strategies and you’re sure to minimize the chance of a break-in on your property.

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