4 Ways to Be a Gamer and Great Sleeper

Geeks might “flex” by talking about how many consecutive hours they gamed, the LAN party that went on all weekend, or just how much Mt. Dew they downed for that epic event. While these kinds of all nighters are okay every once in awhile, they’re not worth giving up good, quality sleep on a regular basis. It’s simple: The better you sleep, the better you’ll game and the more you’ll enjoy it. Otherwise, you’re cheating yourself.

There are some instances where gamers may have sleep apnea, which can call for a doctor-approved CPAP machine of other treatments. Often, sleep apnea is only diagnosable by a sleep doctor, but catching it and addressing it can be life-saving and vastly improve your world. However, most of the time, geeks choose poor sleep habits themselves and ultimately are picking a subpar life. Here’s how to be a gamer and a fantastic sleeper:

1. Ditch the screen two hours before bed

Any form of stimulation in the two hours before bed can destroy your sleep quality. Many gamers are at their laptop, TV, PC or mobile device, but this also goes for DnD or MTG gamers. If you’re brain is engaged and you’re stimulated, it’s going to be tough to get quality sleep. Get your geek on earlier in the evening, and carve out this time to kick back and relax because every warrior, troll and wizard needs some down time.

2. Get your gaming ergonomics down

Real gamers will make it work no matter what the environment. However, even if your basement is your man/woman cave, invest in at least one high quality ergonomic chair. Ideally, you can follow ergonomic best practices fully and make sure your desk, mouse, and other accoutrements are also benefitting your body. Poor posture and support leads to lackluster sleep, aches and even chronic pain.

3. Embrace a dark, screen-free bedroom

If your circadian rhythm detects light, whether natural or artificial (such as a glowing screen), your body won’t produce melatonin and won’t drift off into flawless sleep. This is why it’s crucial to game during daylight hours if possible and always turn off all electronics and lights before turning in.

4. Don’t be a cliché

Unwashed sheets, poor bodily hygiene and a messy bedroom are all stereotypical ideas of a gamer. However, sometimes those stereotypes are true. Keep your space clear and clean for a Zen-ful sleeping experience. A cluttered or unclean environment leads to a cluttered mind and poor sleep quality.

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