4 Unique Ways to Use Your Smartphone For a Presentation

Let’s say you’re about to hit the road for a business, academic, or entertainment presentation. Think about how much easier it would be to control slides, audio, and even lighting from your smartphone.

You can lighten your load this way, so you don’t have to carry bulky, specialized equipment to achieve inspiring and attention-grabbing effects. Smartphones can perform a wide array of technical tasks during your next presentation, and they usually require very little setup.

Here are just four clever ways to incorporate your smartphone into a presentation.

1. Wireless mirroring

Did you know that you can mirror both Android and Apple smartphones wirelessly to a TV? Mirroring essentially replicates your mobile device screen on a television set.

This feature can be excellent for presenters who like to pace around the room while they deliver a talk, but continue to change presentation slides. You won’t be tripping up on cables anymore!

However, you will need to invest in a few additional gadgets to make wireless mirroring work. You’ll also need access to a Wi-Fi connection. iPhone users can plug an Apple TV box into the television set to accomplish mirroring, while Android users will need to purchase a Miracast.

2. HDMI connections

What if the presentation space doesn’t include Wi-Fi access? You can use cables to hook your smartphone to a TV or monitor instead.

One of the most common ports on modern screens is an HDMI in-port. All you need to find is a cable that will connect to your phone’s proprietary port and over to HDMI.

3. Light control

You can control wireless lights from your smartphone. This is ideal for parties and entertainment displays. Philips Hue bulbs are connected to a wireless hub, which can communicate with a smartphones that has the Hue app installed.

From there, you can control the color of the lights, the luminescence, and even switch off the lights.

4. Sound control

Dynamic multimedia content, such as illustrative videos and audio, can make your presentation substantially more interesting. Link your smartphone to a sound system and you can really make a multimedia presentation pop.

Make sure to test volume levels in advance, so you don’t blow out any speakers!

A good smartphone presentation strategy can be the key to success. If you plan to travel overseas with your presentation, make sure to invest in an unlocked smartphone, so you aren’t tied down to roaming fees and country restrictions.

Prepare your special mobile effects in advance, and you’ll become a rock star at conferences and meetings!

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