4 Reasons Your Startup Needs a Mobile App

One of the biggest challenges startups face is a lack of recognition. If your company cannot distinguish itself through media and creative projects, then you run a very real risk of not securing enough funding. Startups can amplify their presence by creating useful and entertaining mobile apps that meet the needs of their target audiences. If your startup is struggling with brand development and recognition, a mobile app can help you gain momentum.

Watch the Market

When you decide to enter the app development foray, you’ll want your first app to knock it out of the park. Before your startup decides on the type of content you wish to deploy through an app, it’s important to watch what how other companies are succeeding. Statistics released by Pocket Gamer show that books, games, and entertainment apps dominate the market. If your startup wants to create the next breakout app, consider releasing content and resources within these high performing genres.

Brand Loyalty

Every time a consumer accesses your startup’s app, their brand loyalty is reinforced. Give your audience a good reason to return to your app. This might include promotional incentives, behind the scenes news, and other unique tidbits. Think about how you’re trying to distinguish your brand identity. Generally the updates that get your team excited can be shared with your fans.


A mobile app is far more intimate than a mobile website, because your audience does not need to actively launch their browser and visit a webpage to learn more. Push notifications gives you direct access to all of your active app users. Use push notifications to let your audience know about major startup news, feature updates, and other important developments. When it comes to information delivery, you can present content in a number of ways through an app: with interactive media, high-resolution graphics, and with kinetic typography.

Audience Data

One your startup gets an app on the market, you’ll be able to learn more about the audiences downloading your apps. These analytics can help your company gain a better grasp on demographics data, since you’ll be able to identify the types of users who download your app and the devices they use.

Mobile apps can significantly boost awareness surrounding your startup. Take the next step in your brand growth by pursuing mobile app development services. Set your startup apart with innovative technologies to attract investors and new promoters.

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