4 Reasons to Invest in Additional IT Training

Many people see training and education as nothing more than a means to an end. They think that there is no need for more training once they have a stable job in their chosen field and that there is nothing more to do than keep working to advance in their career. That may be true for some fields, but the IT field is different.

IT professionals may not need much additional training if they don’t plan to advance beyond certain positions, but they can always benefit from it. Here are just a few reasons why anybody in the technology industry should continue their education and training.

Staying on Top of Technology

According Geoff Hollingworth of Ericsson Cloud, what computer science majors learn in their first year of college will be obsolete by their third year. Computers are changing faster than ever, and even the most computer savvy individuals could be left in the dust if they don’t take the time to learn the latest systems and stay on top of technology.

In some cases, workers can learn a new operating system simply by spending a little bit of time with it. On the other hand, many IT professionals will require online training courses says IT training expert CBT Nuggets, in order to learn new computer systems and perform their job duties successfully.


Increasing Earning Potential

According to this infographic on continuing education, employees who had earned a college degree were earning almost twice as much as their colleagues in 2010. This information applies to all industries, including IT. Computers may have become easy enough for the average person to use without much trouble, but those who take the time to earn a degree in computer science will be able to command higher salaries.

Returning to college to advance a career sounds difficult, but it is actually far easier than many realize. Between flexible schedules at community and technical colleges and the ability to take classes online, even those who work full-time have been able to find the time to earn degrees and certifications. It’s hard work, but the results make it well worth their time.

Building a Resume

Building an impressive resume that grabs the attention of employers is difficult, but adding some degrees and certifications definitely helps. A resume isn’t set in stone; it can and should be updated regularly. An applicant who shows that they recently returned to school to earn a computer science degree or a new certification will be much more attractive to employers, no matter where they apply for work. Their education should be balanced with experience, but additional training and education never hurts.

Seeking a Promotion

While there are IT positions that don’t require workers to undergo any additional training, that training can put them on the fast track to a promotion. Many companies would rather hire or promote from within, especially since having their candidates complete training programs and refresher courses is a lot more cost-effective than training a new hire with little experience. Taking the initiative and signing up for training courses could be what gives an ambitious employee the edge over others seeking the same promotion.

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