4 Reasons Home Automation Should Top Your Home Shopping List

Buying a home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your life, so it’s crucial that your non-negotiable must-haves are met. However, particularly for first time home buyers, this can be challenging to narrow down. How important is a good school district if you’re young and not sure whether you want kids or not? How crucial is the curb appeal of the neighbor’s house across the street? And does it really matter how old the roof is?

What’s important depends on you, your situation and where you see yourself in the future. For example, working with an agent who’s skilled in VA loans should be a must for veterans. People who are vigilant about going green might want to seek out newer homes (naturally more efficient) or even properties with solar panels already built in. However, don’t underestimate home automation: It can make your life much easier and here’s how:

  1. It optimizes security

Ideally, you’ll find a home with the latest home automation as well as state of the art alarm system. Of course, you can also install these features yourself, but it’s often costlier to do so than buy a home already with them and then negotiating. Safety is crucial no matter how “good” the neighborhood is. Not only does it protect your assets and well-being, it also offers peace of mind.


  1. It can dramatically increase the home’s value

This is a good thing for buyers who don’t plan on staying at the same address for long (which is increasingly common). Recently, the most expensive house in British history sold largely due to all of the home automation gadgets. People love high tech, and if you’re buying a flipper or just know you’ll sell soon, think from the overall buyers’ perspective.

  1. It streamlines your life

From managing the sprinkler system from abroad to making sure a fire is roaring when you’re five minutes away from home with a hot date, there’s no denying home automation makes your life easier and more blissful. Isn’t that what a home is supposed to do?

  1. The bugs are worked out

A few years ago home automation was freakishly expensive and had plenty of bugs and kinks. Now, there are a few competitive manufacturers on the market who’ve made home automation pretty standard without any quirks.

Do you want a home the Jetsons would admire? Now’s the time to start looking.

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