4 Local Listing Apps to Boost Store Traffic

Business owners are continually looking toward future growth. You might be currently brainstorming how to bring in additional foot traffic. Your online presence and your brick and mortar storefront success go hand in hand. If your digital listings are nonexistent or subpar, then you could be missing out on thousands of potential customers, leads, and relationships. If you’re looking to increase in-store traffic, here are four mobile apps you need to get listed on.


Unless you’ve been living completely offline for the past several years, then you’ve heard of Yelp. The review system is what many people think of, however Yelp is also home to business listing information that is extremely useful for your visitors. For example, tourists and locals doing a quick search for businesses in their vicinity can filter the search results by a multitude of listing factors, such as price and neighborhood. If your business is listed here with the appropriate profile information, then the users will be more likely to visit your store.

Amazon Local

This immense online retailer has spread into local business deal listings. If you offer discounts for new members or clients, then this is the place to promote your deals. Amazon’s platform can give you access to an unprecedented amount of viewers. You’ll also be able to target your promotions to the people who are actually near your retail location.


Increase new customer traffic by building incentives for groups to shop at your establishment. Like Amazon Local, these app listings give you access to localized markets, so that you don’t waste time informing people outside of your audience demographics. The Groupon deals help guarantee that your business receives a certain amount of traffic for your discounted products and services. This can help introduce a wide variety of new customers to your establishment.


Finding retail stores and restaurants open after a certain hour can be a major headache when customers don’t know where to search. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a location only to find it closed. Potential customers turn to HoursMap to get an instant view of nearby open businesses. Listing your business here can direct customers to you, and help them avoid locations that are closed.

Listing your business through a variety of mobile applications can help connect you to new audience demographics. Business profile information, such as location, price range, and open hours are extremely useful for your upcoming visitors. Start getting the word out there to increase foot traffic!

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