3 Ways Gold is Used in Technology

When you think of gold, you most likely think of using gold either as currency or an accessory. Since the first findings of gold, people have sought after it for its beauty and value. However, gold has many more uses than just sitting on your finger or in your home safe. Gold has the ability to be used for many different purposes in technology, causing it to be an even more sought after material than ever before. To see just how useful gold can be in more practical applications, here are three ways gold can be used in the technology field.


According to Gold.org, using gold for technological purposes has been common for quite some time. Due to its composition and unique properties, gold is one of the best materials to use when creating products that contain nanotechnology. Nano.gov states that nanotechnology is science that works with matter on the scale from 1 to 100 nanometers. At this size, tools and materials must be precise, making gold a great choice for work in this field. Nanotechnology in fields like engineering, medicine, environmental management and more use gold in their manufacturing.



Gold is also used in a lot of modern electronics. Some electronics that have gold parts to them are cell phones, computers, TVs, GPS and more. According to SBCGold.com, the reason gold is so often used when manufacturing electronics is because it’s such a good conductor. Gold can carry tiny electrical charges very efficiently. This makes for the transfer of information to be improved, which is why so many electronic devices that require information output use gold.


As forms of healthcare and medical equipment have progressed, the use of gold in the field of medicine has grown accordingly. CommodityOnline.com states that gold has been used in healthcare in applications like therapeutics, diagnostics, and antimicrobials. Much of the technology that uses gold in this sphere implements gold nanoparticles to accomplish their goals. Gold nanoparticles are great for fighting against infections as well as being used in devices that can treat cancer.

With the scarcity and market control of gold, it may seem like gold can’t be used for very many practical purposes. However, the technology industry has been able to use gold for so much more than the typically thought of applications. WIthout the use of gold in technology, we would be without much of the technology and equipment we so cherish in our day and age. So the next time you use your GPS or are at the hospital for certain treatments, think about just how gold is being used to make your life better each and every day.

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