3 Very Geeky Trends That Will Soon Be Normal in Real Estate

When it comes to geeking out over the latest information and fun tools online, there’s nothing more fun than finding ways to explore your next potential home. Whether you’re buying a home, selling one, or just looking to lease an apartment, there are all sorts of geeky tech trends you’ll start to notice as you embark on your search.

Here, for example, are three very geeky trends and tech tools that will affect your lodging soon, if they haven’t already.

1. Self-directed virtual tours

YouTube has already revolutionized the way we look at real estate and leasing. We can often catch a video walk-through online. But what’s the next step? Virtual models online, which enable you to walk through at your own pace and look in every nook and cranny.

It’s similar to video gaming technology, but will be based on high-powered cameras and the high-speed networks that will deliver the tour to your fingertips.

2. Predictive leasing

“Your lease is almost up, but we think you might want to want to check out an expanded unit upstairs that we’ve got coming available.” That’s the type of message you can expect to get, in the increasingly predictive world ahead.

We release so much data about our lives via our social networks, that predictive algorithms will operate to predict our most likely next choices for lodging.

3. Laser-focused targeting

Twenty years ago, it was common to have a real estate agent take you around to various properties, in multiple neighborhoods. Because clients were hard to come by (and expert agents were no easier to find), we often had to settle for a broad understanding of many areas, instead of an expert understanding of one area.

Thanks to the improvement of search engines and advance in mapping technologies, that approach is no longer the norm. Instead, you can currently view extremely detailed maps of neighborhoods in New York City or portions of any major area you’d like to live.

But it’s going to get even better: Soon, you’ll be able to focus on a specific set of buildings within a neighborhood, and click on the structure to be connected to specialists who live or work there.

Combine that with all the other geeky trends we mentioned, and the task to find your next place is going to be a fun and easy adventure you’ll be able to pursue from the comfort of your own home!

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