3 Most Popular Casino Software Providers – Jackpot!

As a person with an eye to embark upon e-casino business, finding a proper, reputed and affordable gambling software provider is a thing to scrutinize with increased accuracy. Having dozens available companies on the market, choosing the one isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Some offer rich starter packages, some offer state-of-the-art marketing tools, some have a collection of games looking better than in real-life casinos, and some simply bring on money deals you just can’t ignore as a businessman. But are there any providers of casino software accommodating all the goodies beneath one roof? At the end of the day, these three industry pillarshave the highest odds to win over your affection.

Best of the best – Microgaming

Microgaming is a household name in the world of internet gambling. This is the casino operator you partner up with when you budget is really, REALLY generous. However, every penny is invested into no doubt the number one software developer for online casinos in the world.

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Everything you expect from a premium service is packed in Microgaming offers to fit into the most ambitious money-earning plans. Take a look here:

  • 600+ casino games available from day one (jaw… dropped…)
  • 62 biggest e-casinos in the world are powered by Microgaming
  • 2 new games every month
  • Best developers, best server configuration, best game UI/UX designers
  • Actual CORPORATE CULTURE and vision, which many providers lack or never even though of
  • All-in-one offers including functionality and toolkits which go far into the future
  • Top-notch level of services and customer satisfaction

But quality comes with a price-tag which might by repelling for small and even medium-scale entrepreneurs. Does your wallet afford making business with Microgaming?Then don’t even care to read the article any further.

Contender to reckon with – EvenBetGaming

If you can’t afford the number one, it doesn’t mean your case is lost forever. Great news is EvenBetGaming here stands a brilliant (and affordable) alternative to the major e-casino software mogul in the face of Microgaming.

Although EvenBetGaming doesn’t have a rich corporate culture, it doesn’t set trends in software development and it doesn’t hire Oxford graduates only. However, what EvenBetGaming does perfectly well is provide a competitive, above-average level of services anyone can land.

This operator has a fair warranty program, well-built system architecture and extensive marketing tools to streamline a swift, profitable business which makes your users and bank account happyaltogether. Yes, the company doesn’t offer 600+ games with life-realistic graphics, but it does secure six-figure incomes in the hands of a capable entrepreneur.

2 (4)

Holder of an honorable third place – Playtech

The former number two, Play tech ceded ground a little bit, although it’s still a powerful leader in providing time-tested, result-oriented gambling software. In fact, it offers almost the same features and packages as EvenBet Gaming does in addition to Binary Options. Looking to step on the ground of Forex-like money earning opportunities for a bit? Play tech will let you have a taste of what’s it like. In case you’re not interested in binary options, you can either opt for Play tech or stay with the number two of our chart, which is a slightly more affordable and contemporary operator.

Are there’re any more remarkable casino software providers? Of course there are, plenty of!On the other hand, digging into the brand names any further is more of a recherche activity for connoisseurs, since features and offers are quite the same. Better opt for one of the three mentioned in the article and start earning already!

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