Samsung Reeling In Shock After $1 Billion Verdict

According to Korea Times. Samsung Executives are “reeling in shock” after the Apple Vs Samsung patent verdit. Last friday Samsung issued a statement saying that the verdict was not the final word in the case or in courts around the world. Samsung’s top executive said that this verdict was “the worst scenario” for the company.

Korea Times writes
The executives were still reeling in shock Sunday, but provided no clear hint on the company’s next move in the showdown with its industry archrival. It’s widely expected that Samsung will appeal, but the outlook for success in the appeal now looks rather murky.

“It’s absolutely the worst scenario for us,” a senior Samsung executive said as he rushed into the company’s compound in southern Seoul.

Inside the building, Choi Gee-sung, former Samsung Electronics CEO and now the head of Samsung Group’s corporate strategy division, was holding an emergency meeting attended by Shin Jong-kyun, the company’s mobile devices chief, and Lee Dong-joo, lead marketing official.

Executives at Apple are very happy and are seeking a preliminary injunction banning the sale of Samsung phones in the U.S that have patent violation charges, and is also expected to seek tripling the damage because the court had ruled that samsug’s infringement was willful.

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