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Zenfone C is with Minimum Features as Compared to other Zenfones

The Asus Company of smart phones has recently launched its very new phone called the Zenfone C. It is the newest version of… more »

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4 Reasons to Invest in Additional IT Training

Many people see training and education as nothing more than a means to an end. They think that there is no need for… more »

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Tricks to Make a Special Event Excite and Educate  

Events can be dull. We’ve all been to conferences or meetings when we probably would rather have been sleeping or watching TV. Calling… more »

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Basic digital usage in a workplace

Although everything digital is look up ones and zeros, we all use it too much to make sure that the workplace is working… more »

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Technology Aids Medical Assistants

Looking for a career change?  The field of medicine is an ever-growing job market. One of the fastest growing positions is that of… more »

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3D Printing: Practical Possibilities For the Near Future

The news, reviews, information, and updates on the potential for 3D printing and 3D printers is not particularly coherent as it stands this… more »

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Using Technology for Character History Searches

As a business owner or hiring manager for a company, it is your job to make sure the right people are joining your… more »

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A Look at America’s Geekiest Cities

You hear a lot about the warm, beautiful cities in America, but rarely do you hear people discuss the nerdy, most tech-savvy places… more »

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Determining How Often a Business Should Post on Facebook

Facebook allows a company to personally connect with the public in a tangible way. Whenever a consumer “likes” your page, they have access… more »

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5 Signs You May Have an Addiction to Technology

With the rise of online living, it has become increasingly common for people to become addicted to technology. Addiction to technology is marked… more »