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New Pet Technology Uses GPS and Facial Recognition

New technology for pet lovers will keep your beloved animals safe using GPS tracking technology and facial recognition software. You can download these… more »

Tips and Tricks

How to Increase Traffic to Your Interior Design Blog

Whether you enjoy blogging about gorgeous floating beds or design tips for people looking to revamp their home, maintaining an interior design blog… more »

General Tech home buying

You Can Employ a More Digital Approach to Home Buying

Statistical data shows that consumers have taken a new approach to their purchases: one that entails careful research, checking reviews, and brand-name comparisons.… more »

Future Tech trash cans

Futuristic Solar-Powered Trash Cans Invade American Cities

Many U.S. cities are turning to solar-powered trash compactors to reduce the need for trash runs across town. These futuristic trash receptacles compress… more »


The Latest Apps for Wildland Fire Preparedness

With California and Nevada facing their third straight year of drought, officials are predicting a severe wildland fire season and are calling for… more »

Biz tech 3D printing

Will 3D Printing Revolutionize the Construction Industry?

Recently, several companies have announced plans to build homes using 3D printers. Some of them propose merely to replace parts in their supply… more »

New Tech wearable tech

Wearable Technology Set to Revolutionize Sports

At last month’s MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, sports and technology were hotly discussed issues. The conference, which was founded in 2007, is… more »

Gaming gaming

What’s the Future of Gaming? Streaming!

The technology of gaming is always evolving. For experienced gamers, the mark of a successful platform will always be the quality of the… more »

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3 Very Geeky Trends That Will Soon Be Normal in Real Estate

When it comes to geeking out over the latest information and fun tools online, there’s nothing more fun than finding ways to explore… more »

Tips and Tricks job search

Making a Good Email Impression During Your Job Search

The job market is tough. In order to find that job you want, you have to stay diligent in your job search. This… more »